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The NZ Honeynet Alliance is involved in various research efforts with a current focus on client honeypots. Client honeypots are devices that seek out malicious servers. More information about client honeypots can be found here.

The NZ Honeynet Alliance is a contributor to the global distributed honeynet network (GDH). More information about the GDH can be found here.


Various publications by the Honeynet Project, the so called KYE – Know Your Enemy papers, can be found on the main Honeynet Project page.

Additional publications released by the NZ Honeynet Alliance are listed below:

Making Effective use of your Network Intrusion Detection System
– 20th November 2006
(click for HTML version)

Analyzing Malicious SSH Login Attempts -, 7th August 2006

After an Exploit: Mitigation and Remediation – 24th July 2006

Building a PHP Honeypot – 20th April 2006 ( HTML version )

Mambo exploit – 8th March 2006 ( HTML version )

Responding to Security Incidents on a Large Academic Network
– 14th Feb 2006 ( HTML version )

SSH Password Guessing – 31st Jan 2006 ( HTML version )

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