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SCOUT - Speedy Complete Online URL Test

This page allows you to submit a suspicious URL to our high interaction client honeypot Capture to determine whether the suspicious URL is indeed malicious. The client honeypot, which runs Windows XP and Internet Explorer 6, will make the request to the server and determine whether any unauthorized state changes, such as placing an executable file in the start-up folder, have been made. If these state changes are detected, our client honeypot will classify the URL as malicious.

Please enter a suspicious URL (for example

This service has been made possible by Victoria University of Wellington. Because there are only limited amount of hardware resources behind this service, concurrent requests have been capped. If the page indicates that the client honeypot is busy, please try back again later. Help us to expand this service by donating. See for more details on how to donate.

Note: There is no warranty to the classification provided. By submitting URLs through this interface you are consenting to the use of the URL in further research studies.